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RANGE Spring 2003

Special Section, The Nature Conservancy. See “Nature’s Landlord” under Special Reports.

Nature’s Landlord

 By Tim Findley

 The world’s most powerful environmental group.

The Showman of the Plains

 By Bill Croke

 Buffalo Bill staggered into history as the portrayer of the Wild West.

The Optimist

 By Lee Juillerat

 Idaho’s John Peavey keeps life with sheep and changing times in perspective.

Keeping Ahead of the Chores

 By Don Wright

 Good grazing helps high country..

A Western Lady

 By Larry Turner

 Dee Douglas is an Oregon rancher, wagon master, stock grower...

Linda DavisAll-Around-Hand

 By Barbara Van Cleve

 In New Mexico, the advantage of being a girl.

Getting Booted in Dance Class

 By James Tallon

 I had to dress properly. No hat. No spurs. Nothing on my boots from the corral.

Confessions of Red Meat Survivors

 By Claire Hurt and Barbara Wies

 Elaine Smith, Nev.

Up Front

 By C. J. Hadley

 Is the wealthy beast a plus?

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