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NRRC grid

Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission The NRRC mission is to promote a better understanding of how Nevada ranchers use and manage our public lands. Nevada ranchers recognize the importance of good stewardship of public lands. It is their goal to utilize conservation practices that enhance and sustain vital resources, making grazing an integral part of how Nevada public lands are managed.

We need more ranchers.

The Liberty Sentinel empowers you with the truth to stand agaisnt evil and stay free. By Alex Newman.


The Definition of a Sentinel from Webster's 1828 Dictionary: SENT'INEL, noun [from Latin sentio, to perceive.] In military affairs, a soldier sent to watch or guard an army, camp or other place from surprise, to observe the approach of danger and give notice of it.



Nevada Beef Council

The Nevada Beef Council’s website is a one-stop portal to beef recipes, step-by-step cooking methods, and nutrition information. The site also includes resources on the complex process of raising beef, the commitment ranchers have to raising cattle in a safe, humane, and environmentally sustainable way, and what it means to be a modern rancher.

California Beef Council

In addition to showcasing California’s cattle ranchers and beef producers, providing delicious beef recipes, and offering nutrition information, the California Beef Council’s website includes business resources for retail and foodservice companies, and a digital beef directory for consumers interested in purchasing directly from a local rancher.

Oregon Beef Council
Filet has less fat.

Idaho Beef Council
What's your dinner made of?
Flank Steak.

Since 2009, the Savory Institute has been leading the regenerative agriculture movement as a nonprofit dedicated to helping ranchers, farmers, and pastoralist communities regenerate their grasslands. Savory’s global network of more than 50 regional Hubs have equipped 15,000+ farmers and ranchers with the training and management tools they need to regenerate their soils, increase productivity and biological diversity, and economic and social well-being. 

Image West Photography Celebrating Rural America, RANGE Webmaster's website showcases beautiful photography of places and people from around the rural West, USA and beyond.

Boldly Go: From Ambition to Accomplishment How does an organization boldly go into an unknown future with confidence that it can achieve its ambitious goals? The answer is found in Colleen Cayes’ concise, readable book, "The 7 Dynamos of Organizational Power." Get a flavor of what’s possible here:

Monticello College A most unusual construction project is underway in Utah’s Blue Mountains. At Monticello College, Dr. Shanon Brooks and his team are building “leaders, entrepreneurs, and patriots.” By offering a libereducation, combining the liberal arts with the manual arts, they “build men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty.” Go to

Experience the West through the eyes of Tim Cox Tim strives to create memorable oil paintings of cowboys, ranchers, their cattle, good horses and wide open spaces. Many are available as Limited Edition Prints, Canvasas, Giclees and Calendars. Call 505-632-8080 or go to

Bonner County's CO-OP Country StoreThe CO-OP Country Store is part of the CO-OP Gas & Supply Co., Inc., one of the oldest cooperatives in the greater Sandpoint area.
It began in 1934 with more than 60 people in Bonner County each purchasing a $10.00 share of stock to provide a financial base for the new company, Grange Gas & Supply. Initially the company only sold product to the grange members, but that changed within the first year. Now anyone can purchase from the CO-OP and there is still an opportunity to become a member free of charge.

"Working Landscapes: Environmental Benefits of Grazing" shows how environmental groups, government workers and ranchers work together for the benefits of people, livestock, land and wildlife in California. Produced by Nevada County Resource Conservation District in Grass Valley, Calif., and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, and produced by JM Digital Studio. A companion site to RANGE magazine featuring photos from the West's best photographers. showcases the people with the seasons etched in their faces and freedom swinging in their stride: cowboys, farmers, loggers, and miners, folks who can eagerly meet the dawn on a deep winter day and bear the heat that burns across a dry prairie in midsummer. They are most often heirs to generations who first tamed, without breaking, the land, and they care for it with the responsibility that is part of their legacy.
For the romance and reality of real cowboys, share our notes and galleries at

Chilton Ranch The story of Jim Chilton and the Chilton Ranch and Cattle Company and their defamation suit against the Center for Biological Diversity. This site has a wealth of information about the family, their ranch, the Chiltons' forest grazing leases south of Arivaca, Arizona, their lawsuit against the CBD, and about cattle grazing in general. Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador and an Access Advocate, helps champion responsible motorized recreation and access to public lands, while specializing in assisting clubs and groups in getting organized and getting involved in the management of public lands.

CSC Talk Radio. Commonsense Conversations 24/7 live streaming at
“The little lady with the BIG Voice,” Beth Ann doesn’t shy away from tackling the toughest of today’s issues with a good dose of commonsense.
Her passion for our Nation, our Constitution and a love and respect for our ranchers, farmers and rural America is reflected in the many topics that the show explores. The mission is to preserve and protect Independence in America by speaking the truth, standing up for our Constitution, and honoring God and family.

Cowboy Showcase Home of cowboys, cowgirls, and the western spirit. Authentic western people, stories, photos, and information.

The U.S. Constitution. Read it. Know it. Share it.We want your help. Join us in putting 100 million copies of the U.S. Constitution into the hands of Americans everywhere. Visit to learn more.

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