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Spring 2002 Contents

Nature Faking

 By Barney Nelson

 Teddy Roosevelt's big stick

Enviro Gusto

 By Tim Findley

 Sierra Club's new boss lady

The Raid

 By Dave Skinner

 Montana rancher fights CNN and other predators

Grab for Gaviota

 By Tim Findley

 Chipping off a piece of the California Coast


 By Carolyn and Linda Dufurrena

 Lambing in the face of danger

Cracker Cowboys

 By Bobbi Fleming Eva

 Out on the range in Florida

Portrait of the West

 By Jim Morgan

 Young cowboy in Oregon

Dogs of the Prairie

 By Paul Danish

 A cute rodent with a dark side

Harbor in the Desert

 By Ben Ikenson

 Saving the endangered Chiricahua leopard frog

Cat Fight

 By Jeff Goodson

 Feds fake lynx habitat

Up Front

 By C. J. Hadley

 Like a rock

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