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With Duane McGarva in California

Duane McGarva was born and raised in Likely, Calif., and ranched with his brother Ken until he “retired” in 1994. He and his wife Dixie moved to Jess Valley with a couple of hundred cows and his camera, and opened a bed and breakfast (and photo studio) at the north end of the valley. “I’ve been carrying a camera on my cow-checking rounds since 1984 so I’ve got a lot of pictures!”

©Pam White
Rodney Flournoy’s ranch branding, April 1999.
From left: Jason Schue, Tex Dowdy, Joe Harris, Joe Gardenhier and Destry Campbell. The cowboys had just finished branding 200 calves when snow started to fall.
Many of the deer in the West eat on private lands. This is McGarva’s own back yard.
Driving cows home from summer range at Blue Lake to the ranch in Likely, Calif., “a day or two too late.”
McGarva Ranch, 1986. Momma
cow licks her newborn.
Rodney Flournoy ranches in Jess Valley and uses draft horses to feed cattle in winter. “Horses are easier to start,” says Duane, “and they are easier on cattle and country.”

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