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RANGE magazine is not responsible for information contained in the following websites.
These links are suggested to help familiarize you with the West–the people, the culture,
the opinions and the issues that impact the people who live there.


Alliance for America www.allianceforamerica.org
A coalition of grassroot organizations concerned with protecting the constitution, property rights, humans and the environment. Conservationists involved in preserving natural resources and the natural beauty of the environment without destroying the lives of the people closest to it.

Competitive Enterprise Institute www.cei.org
A non-profit public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.

The Derry Brownfield Show www.derrybrownfield.com
Derry Brownfield is one of the most popular radio talk show hosts in the country because he relates to rural Americans. He understands their lifestyle and concerns. He is one!

Freedom. org www.freedom.org
Their mission is to assist and encourage individuals and organizations to advance America’s vision of individual freedom, private property rights, free markets and national sovereignty.

Lucianne Goldberg www.lucianne.com
Lucianne talks about life, from Washington scandals to what’s happening to working folks across America. (some RANGE stories have been posted here)

Heritage Alliance of North Dakota www.westerngrasslands.com
The Heritage Alliance of North Dakota is a coalition of farming and ranching associations, economic development organizations, rural communities, rural cooperatives, utilities, energy development associations, and recreation groups. HAND is committed to what’s right for the National Grasslands and North Dakota.

Australia’s Institute for Private Enterprise www.ipe.net.au
Director Des Moore, publishes a monthly newsletter and comments on a wide range of economic, environmental and social issues through articles in economic journals and the media, papers presented at conferences, radio and TV interviews and letters to the editors of newspapers and journals.

Liberty Matters www.libertymatters.org
This is dedicated to current issues, strategies and public policy of constitutional consequence.

The Owens Valley Gazette www.eastern-sierra.com
The Eastern-Sierra's only rural oriented E-Zine. Contains information on the rural and ranching lifestyle and country heritage of the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierra of California.

Paragon Foundation, Inc. www.paragonpowerhouse.org
The Paragon Foundation defends the fundamental principles established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States of America that guarantee individual freedom, private property rights, and protection from tyrannical government edicts; productive uses of public lands; and land management decisions that are based on sound science.

Shovel Brigade www.stopfedlandgrab.org
Contains updates regarding the movement to stop federal land grabs that started in Jarbidge, Nevada and information about its spread east.

Sierra Times www.sierratimes.com
An Internet Publication for Real Americans. A subsidiary of J.J. Johnson Enterprises, Inc.

Wyoming League of Rural Voters www.ruralvoters.org
The League is not affiliated with any political party. They care about leaders reflecting the values and fighting for the issues of the places we call home.


Savory Center for Holistic Management www.holisticmanagement.org
Savory Center for Holistic Management is an international nonprofit corporation to advance the practice of Holistic management and coordinate its continued development worldwide. The Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management gives you tools and strategies–training, learning materials, mentoring, a support network and more–to help you improve the quality of your life and your bottom line while restoring the environment that sustains us all.


Bar E Ranch www.cowboycooking.com
Tom Bob Elliott of the Bar E Ranch offers a little bit of Texas Ranching history.

Brothersmith-Swords.com www.brothersmith-swords.com
Retailer of fine swords, knives, and replicas of guns and armor from worldwide manufactures.

Country Grapevine www.countrygrapevine.com
Country Grapevine is a grassroots newspaper about entertaining things to do concerning country music, dance, rodeos, pow wows and country fun. They deal primarily with Florida but they have tons of resources for other parts of the world too!

El Bolo Tie.com www.elbolotie.com-
Dazzle your partner with this classic, one of a kind steer skull Bolo Tie

Hitching Post Supply www.hitchingpostsupply.com
Suppliers of authentic buckaroo gear, western music and cowboy books. Horsehair by the pound.

Image West Photography www.angier-fox.com
Photography of the rural West by Larry Angier and Carolyn Fox.

Cattle Kate www.cattlekate.com
Contemporary clothing for men and women with the look and feel of the old west. Online catalog mail order.

Glorianne Weigand www.dustytrails101.com
Glorianne Weigand has written a series of books about the pioneers, cowboys, ranchers, cattlemen and cattlewomen of the true and real West.


Montana Farm Bureau www.fb.org/mtfb
News, markets, weather and more.

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