RANGE Special Report:
What is, what isn't, who says. With assistance from the Nevada Rangeland Resources Commission, T.J. Day & Paragon Foundation.

Grizzly bear cub. Photo © B. Erwin & Peggy Bauer, Tom Stack & Associates.

"America has matured to the point that we are no longer willing to sacrifice the end product of eons of evolution - a species or subspecies of wildlife - on the altar of the god called progress without putting up one darned good fight." Nathaniel P. Reid, Asst. Sec., U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (1971).

This report is presented in six downloadable chapters.

Chapter 1 (PDF, 1.5MB).

Chapter 2 (PDF, 1.6MB).

Chapter 3 (PDF, 2.1MB).

Chapter 4 (PDF, 900K).

Chapter 5 (PDF, 1.2MB).

Chapter 6 (PDF, 1.7MB).

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