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RANGE is proud to introduce outstanding speakers whose insight and wisdom bring a fresh, clean perspective to the pressures now facing the rural West. The problems of resource management, wildlife, and agricultural integrity are no longer just limited to the West, of course. But where “the Cowboy Spirit on America’s Outback” still abides, the time for effective solutions is now.


Terry Anderson, executive director of the Political Economy Research Center (PERC), helped launch the New Resource Economics and Free Market Environmentalism, prompting public debate over the balance between markets and government in managing natural resources. Dr. Anderson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He is editor or author of 23 books, including “Enviro-Capitalist: Doing Good While Doing Well.”
Barry Clausen has risked his life as an undercover reporter to learn the truth about the inner workings of radical environmentalists. He is fervent and thorough, articulate about the hidden, and often surprising, workings of groups that influence popular opinion. His second book, “Burning Rage: The Growing Anger Within My Country,” will be available in the summer of 2000.

Dan Dagget is “an eco-holic in recovery.” He takes a new view of environmentalism based on results rather than simply on control. Citing the fact that an acre of land is lost to agriculture every 13 seconds, he puts a personal face on the people who are striving to continue to make a living on the land. His book, “Beyond the Rangeland Conflict, Toward a West That Works,” was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He has been named “an environmental hero” by the Sierra Club.


C. J. Hadley’s lively humor and passionate commitment make her a sought-after speaker nationwide. As publisher of RANGE magazine for 10 years, and author of “Trappings of the Great Basin Buckaroo,” she has a broad understanding of the issues that threaten the heritage of the rural West, and urban actions that can make a difference. She is a prize-winning photojournalist.
Kathleen Jachowski’s company, Solutions, focuses on RECONNECTING AMERICA–solving the urban/rural disconnect. She clarifies the skills needed to recognize the real connections and ramifications between public policies and private lives across the nation. Speaking from direct involvement in grassroots efforts and participation in the political process, her inspirational/motivational presentations give recognition to the role of how rural America “subsidizes the spirit” of this nation. Engaging the hearts and intellects of her audiences, Kathleen delivers a message of lasting leadership.
Allan Savory is a renowned wildlife biologist who is always ahead of his time. His Holistic Management methods are being used worldwide to reverse desertification, and his lucid, sometimes provocative, insights have entertained groups from the United Nations to San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club. His book (co-authored by Jody Butterfield), “Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision-Making,” is the bible for resource users.
Bruce Vincent contributes a vision of environmentalism based upon hope instead of fear, and the need to support “the solution industry” rather than “the conflict industry.” His presentations are filled with humor and compassion. Vincent is president of Communities for a Great Northwest and Alliance for America. He has appeared on McNeil/Lehrer Hour and 60 Minutes. He has won awards for leadership and achievement in the natural resource industry.
J. Zane Walley, ex-Marine and private investigator, is an investigative reporter with a keen eye for fact. He turns his reportorial spotlight on issues from endangered species to ranching and enviro-politics, always focusing on the human interest aspect of the story. Jay regularly appears on national talk shows, including Mike Reagan.

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