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Five thousand more healthy mink have been subjected to death, injury and starvation by self-styled advocates of "animal rights." The very term has become an oxymoron. The latest such episode of eco-terrorists vandalizing fur-bearing animal farms occurred in Powers, Mich. in late fall on the farm of Tom Pipkorn. Earth Liberation Front took full credit for the slaughter which followed closely on their $12-million arson of new resort facilities at Vail, Colo. a few weeks earlier.

Federal authorities moved a special detail of the FBI into Colorado and now is expected to do the same in Michigan. The vandals issued a proclamation: "As corporate destroyers burn in the West, wildlife nations will be liberated in the north." The word "liberation" where it applies to animals means the cruel and sadistic destruction of defenseless creatures turned loose on highways or into a wild environment where farm-raised creatures are generally unable to fend for themselves or defend against four-legged predators any better than against two-legged vandals.

Pipkorn’s neighbors rounded up many of the mink and he called on "the silent majority, whether in dairy or fur, recreation or whatever, to speak out against these people who are stalking us, invading our property and hurting our animals."

The Michigan attack was the sixth fur-farm atrocity by "animal rights" vandals this year. The Vail destruction also puts the nation’s innocent resort recreation patrons, especially skiers, "in harm’s way." The Earth Liberation Front’s only excuse for burning down new construction at the Vail ski center was the claim that the resort’s expansion threatened the comeback of the endangered lynx?a species not seen in the region in decades.

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Reprinted from the Alliance for America’s Trumpet Call, Nov./Dec. 1998


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