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Rangeland portfolio © Adam Jahiel

Nevada. Spring. The smell of the sagebrush, wet with the morning dew, or today’s rain, or last night’s snow, rises into the air as the horses move quietly through the endless sea of sagebrush. The men ride through the cold, crisp morning air, waiting for the sun’s first rays to warm their weathered faces. After the herd is gathered and moved into the trap, the cold turns to warmth as the sun’s intensity increases. As the morning wears on the sun makes its slow, low arc through the sky as if chased by the clouds now sneaking over the horizon. As the clouds loom up in the big sky, the hard shadows disappear and surrender to the soft light as they begin to block the brightness of the sun. Now the soft wind develops an edge and blows harder moving everything in its path. As the men tilt their heads down and cinch up their coats, they concentrate that much harder on the job at hand, waiting for the next calf, the next calf, the next calf...until every one in that bunch has been roped, branded, and reunited with its mother, and the day’s work is done.
Edo Dar, a cowboy originally from Israel, pauses and looks back over the country to make sure that he hasn’t missed any cattle that might be hiding in the brush.
Working horseback in Nevada’s high desert.
Ryan Stowell, from Mountain
Home, Idaho, moves cattle to
the branding


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