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portrait of the west
Best Friends
Words and photo by Larry Turner
I took this photo in 1996 at the Barker Ranch in northeast California between the small towns of Lake City and Fort Bidwell. The two boys pictured here are best friends. The one on the right is my son Steen Turner and the other our neighbor Kris Shaw. We were on a wagon train adventure, retracing the near 1,000-mile Applegate Trail which had been founded in 1846. I interrupted the boys’ marble game to take this shot in
front of the Barker’s tack room. The boys rode inside the covered wagons, sometimes on horseback, other times they walked, not much unlike 150 years ago. The first stock that arrived in northern Nevada was herded along this route. The trip was a grand adventure for these boys; the memories even more poignant as Kris was tragically killed in a three-wheeler accident in December 2000.

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