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A Dead Bill of Rights? (Summer 2016)
Bundy Scares the Feds(Summer 2016)

The Professionals (Summer 2016)

The Grass March (Summer 2015)
Onslaught at Gold Butte (Fall 2014)
Enemies of the State (Spring 2013)
Government Tyranny (Sum
mer 2014)
The United EPA of America (Spring 2014)
Looking for Madison (Fall 2015)
Eye of the Storm (Winter 2013)
Our Federal Landlord (Winter 2012)
Spindled and Mutilated (Spring 2016)

Enemies of the State

The Hammonds, multigenerational Oregon ranchers,
are fighting the federal government for their freedom

Check the facts:
Enemies of the State
Government Tyranny
Up Front: Looking for Madison
Dwight, Steve and Susie
Up Front: Spindled and mutilated
Buckaroo Stew

Your help is needed!
Save the Hammonds!

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Loaded for bear
in defense of the West
since 1991.

Powerful Forces
More than a century of Eastern control of
the West's natural resources.

By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.


Where's a Real Enviro
When You Need One?
Choices on Arizona's Verde River.
By Dan Dagget


Outback Roundup
More photo contest winners.


Anxious Time in Arizona
Drug smugglers just keep coming.
By Leo W. Banks

On the Edge
Washington moonshine hits all over.
By Dave Skinner
Time Travel
The demise of the ag experiment station.
By Barry Perryman, Ph.D.

Up Front
A new kind of cowboy.
By CJ Hadley
Opinion from America's outback.
By RANGE readers

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News on the Hage case:

Get Back To Me
Yeah, get back to me. I know you will. And when you do, we farmers will stand amused at your little rant.

Australia's Agriculture is much like American Agriculture. Farmers sustain our way of life and help ensure the economic well-being of the nation.
Australian Agriculture: The Greatest Story
Never Told

Watch C.J. Hadley on YouTube!
CJ tells of her journey from England...

Patterns of Harassment III
The Occupation. The Punishment. The Shadow Force.
The Occupation: A Dead Bill of Rights?
Violence, fear, and death at the hands of the government.
By Judy Boyle
The Punishment: Bundy Scares the Feds
Who was it who initiated the wrongful use of "force, fear and violence" in Bunkerville? By Vin Suprynowicz
The Shadow Force: The Professionals
A militia of amateurs confronts an array of paid operatives and loses. "Opinionalysis" by Dave Skinner

Image Is Everything. Hot links to the professionals.By Dave Skinner
Intimidation? You bet. By CJ Hadley (Summer 2016)

The Big Cure
A (mostly) toothless U.N. climate agreement.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Spring 2016)

FIRE: Destruction of the West
Bureaucratic central planning has failed because there's no incentive to manage the resource right. The more the West burns, the more money the agencies get, and the more lives and livelihoods are ruined. By Judy Boyle
The Aftermath. By Andrea Scott
Get Out of the Fire
. By Steven H. Rich (Winter 2016)

Grass March
Regulation without representation is tyranny.
The Grass March Cowboy Express was an arduous trip of 2,800 miles on horseback with serious intent.
The Riders.
The Leader. The Muscle. The Last Best Hope.
By Julian Stone
(Summer 2015)

Cows Can Save The World
How easy it is to draw our swords and yet how difficult it is to re-sheath them.
By Allan Savory (Summer 2015)

The Magna Carta
The 800-year road to freedom.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Summer 2015)

The Inmates Are In Charge
Global-warming fanatics contend the sky is falling
despite freezing temperatures and record snowfall.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Spring 2015)

Secret Science
John Beale and an EPA Story of fraud and deceit.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Winter 2015)

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